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Apple will now use a new ARM-Based Chip for Mac computers

At WWDC 2020, Apple has announced its move from Intel processors to its own custom made ARM-Based chip for Mac. The Cupertino based company claims that it is the next major upgrade done by the company after using the PowerPC and Intel processor on Mac computers. According to Apple, its first-ever Mac Computer with ARM-Based processor will be unveiled later this year. However, the complete transition from Intel processors to Apple’s own will take a 2 years time period. The transition of the chip in its new devices is not so new for Apple. Earlier, the first iPhone launched by Steve Jobs used Samsung manufactured chipset. Later, Apple started manufacturing its own processors for the iPhone and iPad.

Advantages of using ARM-Based Chip

The company said that its new transition will let you use Apps designed for iOS in Mac. However, with the new macOS Big Sur, the new upgrade will also bring various other improvements in Mac Lineup. The most important upgrade will be on the Graphics side. Apple uses PowerVR GPU on its iPhone, which provides a flagship mobile gaming experience for iPhones. But, in the case of Mac, Apple may use AMD’s Radeon GPU, just like they used in MacBook Pro higher-end version or Apple could also use a powerful PowerVR GPU with its Mac too.

What was surprising to see in the launch event was that Apple showed off all the macOS 11 demo on their ARM-Based Chip powered Mac Mini, which ran Apple A12Z Processor which also powers the latest generation of iPad Pro. Apple A12Z is a flagship-level CPU and Geekbench shows that the CPU is pretty capable to battle against the latest generation of Windows PC’s.

So, on the performance side, Apple does not seem to compromise. But the problem does not lie here. Mac users will have difficulty to use Windows in their Mac Computers, which is installed by BOOTCAMP on Mac due to this switch. Apple has found its solution. No 1, Rosetta. Rosetta 2 Intel emulation will allow bringing Adobe and Microsoft apps over the ARM-Based Mac. No 2, QiuckStart Developers. Through this program, Apple will allow its developers to get their apps ready for the ARM transition. More than that, developers will also be able to get access to Developer Transition Kit, which is basically a Mac Mini running on Apple’s ARM-Based Chip, Apple A12Z Bionic Chip. So that developers can develop their Apps for the upcoming ARM-Based Mac Lineup very soon.

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