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NEC MultiSync PA311D-BK 31” DCI 4K 10 Bit Monitor with 100% RGB

NEC just launched PA311D-BK which is a new 31” MultiSync DCI 4k (4096 x 2160) 10-bit IPS monitor with 17:9 aspect ratio as well as 100% AdobeRGB support. It is now the NEC’s flagship monitor for PA series that aims at professional photo and video editors who deal with color-critical tasks. Not only RGB, it also covers DCI-P3, Rec. 709, and Rec. 2100 color spaces. Along with HDR, NEC MultiSync PA311D-BK supports HLG and PQ HDR standards.

With 350cd/m2 brightness and 1400:1 contrast ratio, this true 4k monitor falls short of some other professional monitors in the market but they are also much expensive. PA311D-BK comes with 14-bit 3D internal programmable lookup tables (LUTs) for calibration. For better productivity, it supports Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture modes. You can control up to 5 picture modes via NEC MultiProfiler software. Moreover, with DisplaySync Pro, you can control up to three computers using just a single keyboard and mouse.

Unlike other 8-Bits+FRC monitors that advertise themselves as 10-bits, NEC MultiSync PA311D-BK is a true 10-bit monitor with true DCI 4k resolution. With 17:9 aspect ratio, you get a little more screen real estate than the widely popular 16:9 displays. Since it incorporates an IPS panel, you get consistent colors with a wide viewing angle. In terms of power consumption, this monitor is rated at 84W and includes a Human Sensor that saves power when you’re away from the monitor.

31″ PA311D-BK comes with SpectraView II Engine (NEC’s custom color processor). With an always-on backlight sensor, this monitor ensures stable color and brightness throughout its life. Also, it offers a low-latency mode when working with live video. For additional connectivity, this DCI 4k 10 bit IPS monitor supports:

  • DisplayPort (2),
  • HDMI (2),
  • USB Type-C with 65W of Power Delivery
  • USB hub (3 up / 3 down) with DisplaySync Pro
  • Headphone out (Stereo Mini Jack)

Overall this is a great DCI 4k true 10-Bit monitor especially for professional photographers as well as editors involved in video production. The wide color gamut support in this MultiSync PA311D-BK monitor makes it a nice choice for color correction workflows.


NEC MultiSync PA311D-BK 31” DCI 4K 10 Bit monitor will cost $2,999 USD but the release date is not clear yet.

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