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WD 14TB Red and Red Pro NAS HDD Launched

WD just launched two high capacity and high-performance NAS hard drives that are capable of bearing 24/7 workloads. One of the models is “Red” with the serial number WD140EFFX whereas the other is “Red Pro” with the serial number WD141KFGX. These WD 14tb Red and Red Pro drives offer great endurance and reliability.

The Red model runs at 5,400 rpm and it is designed to work with up to 8 bays. It can handle workloads up to 180 TB per year. Corporate sectors would love to incorporate this drive into their NAS system. Even professionals such as photographers and videographers who need to take large amounts of multiple backups can benefit from this drive. Costing at $450, this WD Red NAS HDD will offer three years of warranty.

The WD 14TB Red Pro model offers even faster performance with more bays and additional features. This hard drive aims at sectors that cannot afford data loss at any cost and needs lots of storage with smooth performance. Just like the Red HDD, it is also capable of bearing 24/7 workloads. However, Instead of 5,400 rpm, Red Pro runs at 7,200 rpm. It offers more storage options with up to 24 NAS bays.

Additionally, WD 14 TB Red Pro HDD will also come with a 3D Active Balance Plus Technology. Along with that, it will also offer NASware 3.0 technology so you can get more error recovery options. This makes it more reliable than the Red model and it offers a 5-year warranty. It will cost more at $525.

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