Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro supports 8 cores at 5 GHz, 8TB SSD, & It’s 80% Faster

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Apple just introduced its 16-inch MacBook Pro notebook that can provide up to 80% faster performance than its 15-inch predecessor. This is the first time that Apple is going beyond the 15 inch screen size which makes it the largest Retina Display in the market. It can support up to 8TB of SSD storage which is extremely helpful for content creators such as photographers filmmakers, music producers, etc. The new 16 inch Macbook Pro also boasts new 5.0 GHz 8 core CPU, 8GB GPU, Magic Keyboard, along with better thermal design, speaker system and much more. So overall it’s an amazing laptop that packs extreme power.

New & Faster Intel CPU with Plenty of RAM

Beginning with the processor, it can support the Intel i9-9th gen 8 core processor with 2.4GHz Base and up to 5.0 GHz Turbo Boost speeds. Due to the new chip, the RAM can go up to 64GB 2,666MHz which the highest memory offering in the Apple Macbook lineup. According to Apple, this new 16-inch model is 2.1 times faster than the quad-core 15-inch MacBook Pro.

New 7nm GDDR6 GPU

In terms of Graphics, MacBook Pro 16 inch comes with the new AMD Radeon Pro 5000M series graphics card. With Radeon Pro 5500M, you can get up to 8GB VRAM along with GDDR6 memory. For the first time, an Apple Laptop will support 7nm mobile discrete GPU with the specifications mentioned above. Apple says this will result in 2.1 times faster graphics performance and up to 80% faster performance with the highest GPU configuration.

Biggest Display of MacBook Line

Since the size of the display is bigger at 16-inch now, this new Macbook Pro is the largest Apple Laptop to support Retina Display. The screen resolution is not true 4k but 3072 x 1920 with 226 ppi. With the support for 500 nits brightness and a P3 color gamut, the display of this notebook rivals expensive professional displays in the market. According to Apple “Each display is individually calibrated in the factory for accurate gamma, white point, and primary colors.”

New Magic Keyboard

The keyboard has been in the talks for a while, and now Apple is finally upgrading it to a new Magic Keyboard. Because of the redesigned scissor mechanism and 1mm travel, users can feel more responsiveness to it. Also, Apple’s patent rubber dome helps in providing more responsive key press. Now the keyboard incorporates an Escape key with an inverted-“T” arrangement for the arrow keys. Along with that, you also get Touch Bar and Touch ID for an effective creative workflow.

Better Thermals

The new Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro offers better thermal performance, thanks to the new fan design with a larger impeller with extended blades along with bigger vents. Since the heat sink is 35% larger in comparison with the predecessor, it can provide better heat dissipation allowing the laptop to sustain 12 more watts. The 28% increase in the airflow also supports a major role in offering better performance.

Improved Audio System

With a new six-speaker design, Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro features force canceling woofers with dual opposed speaker drivers. As a result, the unpleasant distortions suppresses significantly. In comparison with the 15-inch model, this new notebook can provide even deeper bass by half an octave. Also, the mic array features an improvement in signal to noise ratio with a 40% reduction in a hiss.

This is undoubtedly the most powerful notebook offering from Apple. Almost everything is new about this laptop. We still have lots of things to discover in this new 8-core Apple laptop. Apple claims that its 100Wh battery will provide up to 110 hours of wireless web browsing. But since it targets content creators, it will be interesting to see how long can it run under heavy workloads.


The price of Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro starts from $2,799 and can reach up to $6,099 with maximum specifications.

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