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Back at CES 2020, Razer announced the Kishi universal gaming controller which is now available in the market. Kishi is not the first attempt from Razer to turn the smartphone into a gaming controller. Remember the Junglecat? Unfortunately, the Junglecat supported only 4 smartphones and required charging on its own. But the new Kishi gaming controller is here to address those issues. Unlike Junglecat, Razer Kishi supports most of the Android as well as iOS phones. Another difference is that it will run on your smartphone’s power.

Kishi has a type C port for extended play, a multitude of buttons making console users feel right at home, including two analog thumbsticks that can be buttons, and Bluetooth to have wireless headphones if you dislike the speakers on it.

Razer Kishi Gaming Controller Features

Kishi has been designed to be as accessible to most people with phones. This controller begins by being collapsed and expands horizontally to fit your phone. The device wraps around the device to help pin your phone down. For those wondering, Razer Kishi will cover up the speakers on most of the phones, however, it comes with speakers. A Bluetooth feature will allow users to connect their wireless headphones for a more custom sound quality.

Razer Kishi gaming controller has a great design of keeping your hands away from the touch screen as you play. Reducing the amount of smudges that will blind you from playing and increasing the amount of the screen you will be able to see due to your hands blocking them off. The quantity of buttons on Razer’s product is roughly the same as any name brand console, keeping up with any game you will want to play. This is pretty impressive. Most of the mobile games I’ve seen have movement and three skills, creating four buttons to keep track of at once. There are certain games that require more than that and it’s impressive that Razer considered them.


Razer even thought about the travelers with this device. The Kishi gaming controller doesn’t require any batteries and only uses your phone’s charge. Phone’s battery life will always dwindle and certain games will make it seem like it loses 10% a second. On the bottom right, Kishi equips a Type-C port to allow players to play continuously or without fear. Depending on where your hand is positioned, charging may require you to reposition the way you hold your device. While having to reposition your hand can be annoying, having to stop at crucial moments are even worse.

Price and availability

The new Razer Kishi universal gaming controller is available in two options:

Razer Kishi for AndroidRazer Kishi for iOS
Price$79.99 USD$99.99 USD
Razer Kishi Pricing for Android and iOS devices
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