Sony SRS-WS1 Wearable Speakers Launched in the US

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Sony has finally launched its SRS-WS1 immersive wearable speakers in the US. Although these speakers are in the market for quite a while, they never launched officially in the US. Sony SRS-WS1 wearable speaker comes with a transmitter, charging cable, ac adapter, micro USB cables, digital optical cable, audio cable, dedicated audio cable, operating manual and safety sheet.

These wearable speakers rest comfortably on your shoulders allowing the sound to wrap completely around your head providing an immersive experience. To provide a deep low-end, Sony SRS-WS1 incorporates a passive radiator vibration plate. Since you don’t have to put anything over your ears, it does not hurt or cause fatigue in your ears even after long listening periods. You can hear your surroundings as well as enjoy the immersive experience at the same time.

No doubt the sound is loud, this Sony wearable speaker does not spread too much sound across the room at a high SPL. This is a huge benefit as you can enjoy your movie without distracting anyone else around. You can use up to two Sony SRS-WS1 wearable speakers simultaneously by connecting them to a single transmitter. The effective operating distance of one speaker is around 30 meters from the transmitter. However, it drops down to 10 meters right when you connect the second one.

Sony SRS-WS1 is purely meant for an immersive entertainment experience. So it’s not fair to compare the sound of this wearable speaker with a professional headphone. In terms of battery life, this speaker can provide 7 hours of runtime with a single 3-hour charge. To charge Sony SRS-WS1, you just need to place it on the charging stand and you’re good to go.

Pricing and Availability

Sony SRS-WS1 wearable speakers will start shipping from December 5, 2019, at a price of $299 but you can get these at just $219 from Amazon. However, you will get a Japanese manual instead of an English one.

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