Corsair 5000MHz Vengeance LPX : World’s Fastest RAM

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Corsair unveiled a new Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM which goes up to astronomical 5000MHz. This kit will be a favorite among high-end overclockers. The system should be very sturdy to achieve the full potential of this Corsair 5000MHz RAM smoothly.

This RAM is only compatible with AMD X570 platform and runs at CL18. For better heat dissipation, it uses Anodized Aluminum due to the high voltage it consumes which goes up to 1.5V. The custom PCB will provide superior overclocking headroom. It will provide best results with the 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen processors. The tested latency of this kit is 18-26-26-46

This new memory kit might not be important for the consumer level audience but overclockers would love to break new records with it. Corsair states that each IC is individually screened for peak performance potential in these kits. XMP 2.0 support is available so you can easily access fastest safe speeds that these modules offer.

Corsair will also provide a fan just like it does with other high performing RAM modules. Unfortunately, the price is quite high and it is not expected to come down soon unless corsair sees a new competitor with such speeds. The current price of this Corsair 5000MHz (2 x 8GB) kit is $1079.99

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