Samsung ISOCELL GN1: New 1.2μm 50Mp 8K image sensor

News » Samsung ISOCELL GN1: New 1.2μm 50Mp 8K image sensor

Samsung has just introduced a new 1.2 μm 50MP 8K image sensor, the ISOCELL GN1 that features exceptional autofocus & low light shooting capabilities. According to the company, it will somewhat offer the same level of autofocus performance as DSLR cameras. ISOCELL GN1 is Samsung’s first image sensor to offer both Dual Pixel and Tetracell technologies.

Samsung ISOCELL GN1 Image Sensor Technologies

Dual Pixel Technology

With the help of Dual Pixel technology, the new Samsung ISOCELL GN1 is able to support 100-million phase-detecting (PDAF) photodiodes in order to offer quicker autofocus performance. This technology basically places two photodiodes side-by-side within a single pixel to receive light from different angles for phase detection. As a benefit, the image sensor is able to provide double the amount of light information via Samsung smart AI algorithms.

So despite being a 50 MP image sensor, ISOCELL GN1 can provide the same level of image quality as a 100 MP sensor.

Tetra Cell Technology

The secret behind the excellent low light performance of this image sensor is Samsung’s Tetra Cell technology. This technology improves the pixels’ capacity to capture and process more light. With a larger pixel size, you do lose some resolution, in turn, you get astonishing low light image results with low noise.

Samsung ISOCELL GN1 offers a 1.2μm pixel size but thanks to the Tetra Cell technology that doubles the image sensor’s pixel size to 2.4μm and quadruples the light sensitivity. This technology achieves such results by binning four-pixel signals into one, thus producing 12.5 MP photographs.

The combination of Dual Pixel and Tetra Cell technology helps GN1 to achieve fast autofocus performance in both bright and low lighting conditions.

Other Technologies

For effortless pro photography experience, the new Samsung ISOCELL GN1 image sensor also comes with technologies like Smart-ISO, real-time HDR, & gyro-based EIS. All of these technologies are self-explanatory. The Smart ISO feature will help you to quickly determine the optimal ISO setting according to the lighting condition. “Real-time HDR” helps to capture multiple exposures simultaneously in real-time to provide an image with a higher dynamic range. And the gyro-based EIS technology helps GN1 to take sharp images and video even when in motion.

The latest Samsung ISOCELL GN1 image sensor also impresses with 8k video shooting capabilities up to 30 fps.

Samsung ISOCELL GN1 Availability

Samsung says that it started mass production of the new ISOCELL GN1 this month. Find more information here.

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