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Vecnos Unveils 360 Degree Pen Shaped Camera

A new startup venture Vecnos is about to bring an ultra-compact 360 degree pen shaped camera to the market. This camera will be the first-ever product from Vecnos but its name is not official yet. As of now, there are many 360 degree camera options out there but none of them offers the same portability as this new Vecnos pen-shaped camera.

Design and Camera Setup of Vecnos 360 Degree Camera

The main goal of the new Vecnos ultra-compact camera is to provide a better user experience for taking 360 degree selfies. Towards the upper section, this pen-shaped camera hosts a proprietary four-lens optical system. Among those lenses, one of them resides at the top whereas the other three are meticulously placed on the sides.

In the middle section, there are two buttons that lets you control the camera. Above them, a small LED indicator is also available that helps you to confirm the status of the camera.

Vecnos App

With the help of Vecnos app, you can effortlessly enhance your photos or videos and share them on social media platforms. Note that only a few social platforms support 360 degree videos as of now. So before sharing your content to a certain platform, make sure that it offers 360 degree content support.

Vecnos 360 degree Camera Pricing and Availability

The new Vecnos pen-shaped camera will soon be available this year (2020). However, the exact release date is not clear yet. Also, there is no word on its pricing so far.

Ricoh’s Contribution

In 2018, Vecnos entered the industry with the same core team that was responsible for the design and development of Ricoh Theta 360 camera in 2013. Now Ricoh is the lead investor of this new startup venture (Vecnos).

What the CEO of Vecnos has to say about the new 360 pen like camera:

Enabled by advances in technology, combined with new social networking platforms, we are building a new generation of cameras, with our first product designed to reinvent the selfie and be used by a younger consumer. Our objectives are to combine ease of use with advanced capabilities for shooting, enhancing and sharing images, in beautiful and elegantly designed products that people will want to use. We aim to inspire a new generation.”

Vecnos CEO: Shu Ubukata
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