Crucial X8 Portable SSD with 1050MB/s Sequential Speeds

Crucial has announced its new X8 Portable SSD that uses USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C interface. It is capable of reaching sequential speeds up to 1050MB/s. Due to its design and construction, it can dissipate heat efficiently keeping the SSD cool. X8 will be available in two storage sizes of 500GB and 1TB.

This new Portable SSD is made up of anodized aluminum which makes it robust and sturdy. Crucial says that it can handle 7.5 feet drops. Along with that, it can also bear shocks and vibrations that can damage the device.

Unfortunately, it uses QLC technology and that is not good news for users who deal with large files. Content creators such as filmmakers and music producers often deal with large libraries and they need stable performance. QLC drives cannot sustain high-speed transfers long enough and after the cache is filled they reduce speeds drastically. So don’t expect the speeds to stay at 1050MB/s. For small file transfers, Crucial X8 Portable SSD works like a charm. So unless you deal with super heavy files, you don’t need to worry about QLC.

Since many people are still on devices that use USB Type-A, Crucial will include an additional USB Type-C to Type-A adapter in the box. However, using this SSD with the adapter can reduce the speeds from 10Gbps to 5Gbps due to bandwidth reasons. X8 can connect with Windows, Mac, Android, Ipad Pro, PS4 and XBOX One.

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Both 500GB and 1TB model will come with a 3-year warranty and carry price tags of $119.95 and $164.95 respectively. You can buy this SSD on Amazon.

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