Razer Pokemon Pikachu earbuds come w/ a Pokeball charger

Meet the new Razer Pokemon Pikachu Edition True Wireless Earbuds that come with a Pokeball charging case. It’s not just the design, these earbuds also produce sweet Pikachu sounds when a user boots, connects to a device, answers/rejects a call, etc. The new Razer Pikachu wireless earbuds feature 13mm drivers, IPX4 water resistance certification, passive noise-canceling silicone earplugs, and provide up to 15 hours of charging with Pokeball charging case. Unfortunately, these fancy earbuds are China exclusive. So they will not be available in any other country except China.

Although these are the first Razer earbuds to feature a Pikachu theme, it’s not like the company has not done a similar kind of thing before. Take a look at:

Sadly, both of these products are exclusive to China as well.

Razer Pokemon Pikachu Edition True Wireless Earbuds Features

The Pikachu icon you see on these Razer earbuds is actually a touch-sensitive system that allows you to take calls, pause or play music, and much more. The table below shows the behavior of earbuds according to the touch expression:

Touch ExpressionRazer Pikachu Earbuds Behavior
Press and Hold (Half Second)Answer / Hang-up Call
Play / Pause
Press and Hold (2 Seconds)Reject Call
Activate Virtual Assistant
Boot Corresponding Earbud
Press and Hold (3 Seconds)Activate Pairing Mode
Double TapAnswer / Switch Calls
Skip to Next Track
Triple TapReturn to Previous Track
Triple Tap & Hold (2 Seconds)Enable / Disable Low Latency Mode
In Pairing Mode: Clear Paired Devices

With the help of a Razer app, you can even remap the earbuds behavior according to the type of touch you prefer.

Just like Razer Hammerhead earbuds, the new Pokemon Pikachu edition earbuds incorporate an audio driver that is 13mm in size. But the latest earbuds differ when it comes to charging.


With a single full charge, Razer Pikachu true wireless earbuds can run up to 3 hours and up to 15 hours with the Pokeball charging case. By looking at the LED light and its behavior, you can judge the battery status of the earbuds.

LED Light IndicatorBattery / Charging Status
White (Flashing)Charging
White (Steady)Charging Complete
Red (Flashing)Low Battery
Red (Steady)Battery Critically Low

Audio Response

At different events, these earbuds produce different Pikachu sounds to keep you entertained. The table below shows all those sounds these earbuds can make:

EventAudio Response
BootPika! Pi~Ka~Chu~~
Bluetooth PairingPika, Pi~Ka
Connecting BluetoothPika! Pi~Ka~Chu~~
Disconnecting BluetoothBeep
Low batteryPikaPika! PikaPika
Low Latency ModePi~~Ka~Chu~~~
Normal ModeBeep
Voice AssistantPika!
Incoming CallRingtone
Answering callPika!
Rejecting callBeep

Razer Pikachu wireless earbuds also feature a low latency mode that reduces the audio latency to a mere 60ms contributing to a better gaming experience.

Razer Pokemon Pikachu Edition True Wireless Edition Earbuds Price and Availability

The new Razer Pokemon Pikachu Edition True Wireless Edition Earbuds will be available from April 16 at a price of 849 RMB that translates to $120 USD approximately. You can only get these fancy earbuds from China. And they are 17.5mm long and 16.8mm wide and weigh 4.5 grams.

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