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Here comes the good news for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10 series owners. With the new software update, both Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10 series smartphones now support new camera, gallery, and sharing features exclusive to the flagship Samsung Galaxy S20. The update brings features such as Single Take, Custom Filter, Pro Video, Clean View, Quick Crop, Quick Share, and Music Share to the Samsung Galaxy S10 as well as Note10 series smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note10 New Camera Features with the Latest Software Upgrade

Just like Galaxy S20, now you will be able to access Samsung’s Single Take feature on Galaxy S10 and Note10 series smartphones. Basically, Single Take is an AI technology that captures a series of photos and videos and then recommends the best shot. Note that this feature can only capture photos and videos for up to 10 seconds.

Both Galaxy S10 and Note10 will now support Pro Video feature for video recording. Pro Video feature will enable the user to adjust recording parameters such as ISO, shutter speed, and exposure level. Also, you can switch between front and rear cameras while recording video.

If you have your own color preference beyond available filters, you can now create them in these smartphones so you can recall them anytime.

The Night Mode in Galaxy S10 series gets better with the latest software upgrade. Users will experience better low light performance and less noise in the images. In addition, both Galaxy S10 and Note10 series smartphones now support the Night Hyperlapse feature as well. However, Night Hyperlapse will not be available in Galaxy Note10 Lite.

Clean View & Quick Crop Support

Along with the latest camera features, the new software upgrade also brings Galaxy S20 series exclusive gallery features to Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note10 series smartphones. Among them is a Clean View feature. With Clean View, the gallery automatically groups similar shots together via AI technology. You can choose your favorite picture for the group thumbnail as well.

The upgrade also introduces the Quick Crop option to the Galaxy S10 and Note10 series. As the name suggests, Quick Crop aims at providing a fast workflow for cropping images. To quickly crop a photo, now you just need to zoom over the image and press Quick Crop. You will find this option on the top left corner while viewing an image.

Quick Share & Music Share Support

Some other Galaxy S20 features such as Quick Share and Music Share are now also a part of Galaxy S10 and Note10 series models. Quick Share allows you to swiftly send large files to multiple users simultaneously. And with Music Share, you can stay connected to a Bluetooth music device and allow someone else to stream their music through your Bluetooth connection only. So the other user doesn’t even need to pair with the Bluetooth system.

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